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MERV 8 filters utilize 100% synthetic media. They help...

Lint Dust Mites Mold Pollen Pet Dander Dust


For superior air filtration and efficiency, our micro allergen filter...

Lint Dust Mites Mold Pollen Pet Dander Dust Smog


Our Ultimate Allergen filter proactively captures even the most microscopic...

Lint Dust Mites Mold Pollen Pet Dander Dust Smog Smoke Virus Cough Sneeze Bacteria

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Fresh and Clean Air with High-Quality Products from FilterAir.

FilterAir specializes in the manufacture and distribution of all types of disposable HVAC filters for both residential and commercial applications which is our own line of products that are 100% US-made and offer great value for your money. Our top-of-the-line disposable a ir filters help you improve your indoor air quality with reliable supply of clean air at your home or business.

Ordering products from FilterAir is quick and easy. Customers can place an order online or by contacting us. All orders are delivered straight to your door on-time with free shipping.

For customers who don’t like stocking up replacement filters or don’t want the hassle of having to make orders every time their filter replacements are due, we also have a delivery subscription service. With our dependable subscription service, you no longer have to worry about when your replacement is due. Simply set your delivery schedule with your subscription and you will get your replacements filters delivered on time, every time, reminding you that it is time to put on the new air filters.

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